You view, we give

Wegiveit is an easy to use fundraising platform integrated with social networks. We support charitable causes using video advertising. Wegiveit brings together individuals, charities and companies. Anyone can help raise money for their favourite causes by donating only their viewing time. Companies can promote their marketing messages via video advertising on the Wegiveit site, helping to raise funds for charitable causes.


Wegiveit is easy-to-use.

A platform that attracts digital adopters across every age demographic.

Wegiveit is cause-centric.

There is a strong focus on cause related charities, since 75% of donors give due to a particular belief that they have in a specific cause.

Wegiveit is time donation, not money.

An easy to use tool for anyone wanting to help their cause by donating only their viewing time.

Wegiveit is video-centric.

Sponsors' videos increase engagement and transform advertising investments into funds for charities.

Wegiveit is a win-win-win solution.

The user only spends seconds of their time, sponsors advertise ethically and charities have an alternative way to fundraise.


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Wegiveit supports charitable causes based on each individual’s personal charity preferences, using video advertising created by the sponsor.

Thanks to Wegiveit, Charities:

  1. have a unique opportunity to become part of an innovative platform that enables them to easily fundraise without paying directly;
  2. easily acquire ongoing exposure to an engaged audience;
  3. benefit from an effective platform through which to communicate new information about the charity’s activities

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